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Wild about Glass Tile

Round, rectangular, square, small, large, textured, frosted, iridescent or flat – I am wild about all glass tile has to offer.   Maybe it reminds me of bite sized candies, saltwater taffy blocks, and large colorful lollipops.   Yes – that is probably part of my love affair.

Glass tile can be installed in some many applications.  I have used them as kitchen back splashes, as a decorative accent in showers, as fireplace surrounds, used for wainscoting, and even around mirrors or to highlight architectural features.

Here is a great article from Sherwin Williams about glass tile, in theStir” addition.

Where would you install these beauties?

Photos courtesy of Angela Todd Designs, Decorno and Design Sponge and Pental Tile.


  1. says

    Beautiful. Any chance of more pictures, especially how-tos?

    You do realize that some people visit your blog from the other side of the country. So we can’t do any personal visits.

    I don’t know of any interior designers who do tile like this in South Carolina. Too bad.

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