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Renderings Have Come a Long Way

Is it just me or is it getting harder to identify real life photography from architectural renderings?

I admit I sometimes long for the days of hand drawing.  I love my pencils and watercolors, but I find most project budgets don’t warrant this type of time intensive work.  I have even started to outsource hand drawings to a dynamo interior designer named Barbara Sumner who provides hand drawings for the design community in Portland.   My second confession – she is better at drawing then me and she does it in half the time.  They are works of art.  We even offer framing the hand rendering for clients.  They can be displayed by the homeowner or small business for years to come. It is a nice touch.

Below are hand drawings from the talented Barbara Sumner of Sumner Gray.


Do the photos below from Turbo Floor Plan Home and Landscape PRO and NewVisual3D Studio look real to you at first glance?



Do homeowners in Portland, Oregon working with an interior designer prefer a digital rendering or a hand drawing?   What do you think?



  1. Furniture says

    Wow the first picture of the kitchen looks so realistic! They get more real looking every year, I can’t imagine how these rendering programs will improve in the future.

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