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New Direction for Street of Dreams

The Home Builders Association of Portland announced a bold move for the 2009 Street of Dreams. This year it will be exclusively in the Pearl District.


Earlier this year, the Home Builders Association planned to have two sites for the tour: one in a more traditional setting off Pilkington Road in Lake Oswego, and a second site from developments in the Pearl District.   On March 25th the HBA decided to move exclusively to the lofts in the Pearl.  A bold move for the 2009 Street of Dreams.

12 homes will be featured this year in condos ranging from 1.5 to 4 million dollars.  These amazing properties are perched in the heart of the city, with everyday living luxuries abound: great views, sub zero appliances, granite countertops, and sustainable surfaces.  Most of the homes meet LEED standards – also a direction the HBA has been embracing.

As always, visitors should expect to be inspired and well, dream.

KGW ran a great piece on the change.  View the KGW segment here.

Photo courtesy of 937 Group, a participant in the 2009 Street of Dreams.


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