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Yes, I’m Listening

I am so excited for 2009 to get underway I can hardly stand it.  I just heard an astute prediction in a recent marketing meeting I attended.  2009 will be the year of DIY (do-it-yourself).

I believe that to be true.  I have noticed a recent shift in how my clients think about remodeling and redecorating projects.  Is this true of you?

  • You don’t want to borrow money.
  • You want to be chic, but not spend a fortune.
  • You’d like to use what you already have if it is possible.
  • You may want to do some footwork or labor yourself to cut costs.
  • You’d like new sustainable materials, but you won’t spend a fortune for it.

aaaaapw7iduaaaaaajsreaYou are also preferring mid range products more and more over high end.

Yes, I’m listening to you.  I understand.  I am not just an interior designer in Portland; I also live here.  I own a home.  I have bills and obligations just like you.  I am also looking for ways to save more, spend less, and be more responsible in conservation. I helping my clients do the same.

When you are ready for a “think outside-the-box, renew what you have – no need to spend a fortune – get the most value for what you spend – interior designer” please give me call.  I’m ready.

To read a full list of consumer trends to watch in 2009, see Gallerie Nouveau’s Blog


  1. All About Food says

    I’ve just read through all of your most recent posts. They are wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing so many helpful tips. Home decorating is not one of my strengths. As I perused through your before and after shots, I got some ideas for better lighting for reading in bed. I will visit this blog often. (Wish you were here so you could come help me.)

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