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Who inspires me?

Sometimes clients ask me who and what inspires me in design.   I find inspiration everywhere.

Candice Olson is one of my favorite designers.  She is masterful at combining traditional with contemporary, and her lighting applications are celestial.  Is there anyone who doesn’t love the spaces she creates?  Certainly not anyone I know!  If you haven’t seen Candice’s creativity, tune in to Divine Design on HGTV.

I also find inspiration in design magazines.  I may be showing early symptoms of hoarding magazines, but I prefer to say I am a collector!  I am always looking for textured boxes and clever ways to store my beloved magazines.  I subscribe to Traditional Home, Veranda, House Beautiful, Metropolitian, Oregon Home, Domino, Better Homes and Gardens, Country Home and Architectural Digest.   I have a rule about going over 10 subscriptions year.  That would mean I have a problem, right?

I also subscribe to over a dozen online blogs and articles.  My two favorite design blogs are Design Sponge and Decorno.

Some of my closest friends are also interior designers in Portland.  We share ideas and resources, compare client projects and spend hours in our spare time talking about what new pattern we should introduce to a new kidney pillow in our living room.  Who else would listen to me go on and on about the Highland Court leopard print in ruby red at $200 a yard.  I treasure my interior designer friends.

I recently came across the work of Ron Marvin.   “Outstanding” is the only word I could think of when I saw his New York apartment.  Otherwise I was speechless.  He is my new BFF.

At least until the next issue of House Beautiful arrives.


  1. Cassandra says

    hey, i’m an interior design college student in new jersey and i was doing some online research on interior design and what inspires someone to want to become one. i found your blog at random and i just read this entry.. i love candice olson too! i have her book fron barnes and noble. and i just wanted to tell you that. she’s my favorite designer on HGTV. i also have a totally random question – when i finalize my questionaire for my research, will you fill it out for me? that’s very random i know, but it’ll be very helpful considering i want to ask a lot of different people from the interior design commnuity =] please email me at

  2. says

    I’m at home watching candice’s show and pulled up this blog on the computer. I really enjoy her show. She seems to have a more upscale view of decor. Many of the TV interior design stars seem to base thier designs on trendy colors and items which will be out of vogue next year. I wondered why no one on TV uses antiques in thier decor. Is it too difficult and/or time consuming to find the right items? Her taste (Candice) seems to support an inclusion of antique items. Does she use vintage and antique elements in her own home? Mention of her views on antiques somwhere, sometime in an episode would be interesting. I just went to Europe on a quest for antique items and I realize that finding the right item is a matter of luck and hard searching. I went with the tour group EuropeAntiqueTrip check out thier website if you can. Well, back to the TV to watch the rest of her show!

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