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Happy Anniversary Handyman Bob!

Saturday in booth 220 at the Memorial Coliseum we celebrated at the Portland Build, Remodel and Landscape Show.  It was Handyman Bob’s one year anniversary on air with Around the House.  It was also his anniversary with his wife Lynn, and just to add to the confusion it was also W.C. Winks Hardware’s 100 year anniversary.

To celebrate, I brought a 10″ double decker chocolate and raspberry ganache cake from Beaverton Bakery.  Let me just point out how hard it is to get a cake into the Memorial Coliseum.  Security said no.  I insisted.  Then head security had to get approval.  (Apparently they don’t like any food brought into the show, the coliseum could be blamed for food poisoning when it was in fact a cake.)  I insisted some more.  Someone called someone, and I was nodded and escorted into the show.

Beaverton Bakery makes great cakes that also look good, opposed to good looking cakes that taste okay.    The chocolate in the air gave me conviction.  Me and the cake were getting into the show!

At 12:30pm, the Design Angle was was played for the first time on air.  Here is the segment opening. It was a memorable moment for me.  It is a dream and pleasure to work with Handyman Bob on air on the Radio Northwest Network.

The large round, delicious cake and all of the sparkling cider was gone before the two hour show commenced.   Next year I will share the same anniversary with Around the House, Bob and his wife, and Winkes Hardware.  We will have to bring a sheet cake and a case of bubbly to ensure their is enough for everyone.   What a great day it will be!

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