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Turn Outdated Jewelry into Christmas Shopping Cash

(update: 12/17/08 – Due to rare snow in Portland, the event at Gallerie Nouveau has moved to the 19th. This blog post has been updated. See you there!)

If you are like me, you have a bit of fine jewelry tucked away in your jewelry box that you have no intention of wearing in the future. In my twenties I had a sapphire and diamond fetish. Today, I am just not a tennis bracelet kind of gal.

Gallerie Nouveau, a consignment shop in SW Portland owned by Maureen Pulicella, is allowing you an opportunity to turn your old gold and gems into cash on December 19th and December 20th.
How about we meet there? It beats sending your pieces to someone on a late night infomercial. I’ll show you my old jewelry if you show me yours? The following post is from the Gallerie Nouveau newsletter.

With the holidays upon us, wouldn’t it be nice to have a little extra money? Well, Gallerie Nouveau is here to help. We are bringing in a trustworthy resource to turn your unused gold into instant cash. Bring all of your gold items you no longer wear or want to Gallerie Nouveau on either Wednesday, December 17th or Saturday, December 20th to be assessed by a reputable gold trader with over 15 years experience in the fine jewelry business and certified with the Gemologist Institute of America, American Gem Society and Diamond Council of America (GIA, AGS, DCA). You’ll receive one on one attention and cash on the spot. How much easier could it be?

The following items will be accepted: Yellow gold, white gold, two tone, platinum, black hills, 10kt, 14kt, 18kt, 22kt, 24kt, rings, charms, chains, earrings, herringbones, omega chains, bracelets, bangles, gold nuggets, gold scrap and dental gold.

Drop by Gallerie Nouveau with your gold and leave with cash just in time for that last minute holiday shopping.

Wednesday, December 19th & Saturday, December 20th

At Gallerie Nouveau we are always looking for new ways to offer our customers value. We hope this service will provide a worthy resource for many of you. Feel free to forward this offer to any of your friends.

We wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season.

Maureen Pulicella
Gallerie Nouveau Home Interiors
8601 SW Terwilliger Blvd
Portland, Oregon 97219


  1. Angela Todd says

    You were right! It did snow. The event has moved to December 19th and 20th. We hope to catch you there! I am ready to make some cash with my stash – how about you?!

  2. Angela Todd says

    On Friday, I took in two rings, a herringbone necklace, a man’s bracelet, a set of earrings and a pendant (with chain). I walked away with almost $350 cash! I hadn’t wore this jewelry for over 10 years.

    Due to the snow days, it is possible Gallerie Nouveau will be holding this event again. If they do, stop by. It didn’t hurt my feelings to leave with three Benjamins!

  3. eshopper says

    NOT a Bad Idea to Sell your Outdated or Out of Fashion Jewellery and Invest the Money somewhere else or Buy Other Piece of Latest Trendy Jewellery.

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