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Our Fascination with Makeovers

What is it about interior before and after photos that we love so much? Are we looking for ideas for our own homes? Perhaps. Maybe we simply like to see what is possible in a space with fresh eyes and some elbow grease.

In honor of our fascination, I have added a before and after gallery to my interior design web site. See the new gallery below or visit:


  1. mlm says

    Hello Angela,

    Thank you for this very interesting and helpful blog. I have an interior design dilemma. I have a corner house on a two way street with ample room on both sides of the house. The side of the house faces the main street, but you can see the front and side of the house depending on which direction you are driving on the street. I have a two story home. From the front angle of the house, you can see 4 windows on the second level, 2 windows and one set of french doors on the bottom. On the side of the house (which faces the street) you will see 7 windows, and the other side of the house has 6 windows. Bottom line: what on earth do I do for window treatments that will not look crazy from the outside? All of these windows span across, my living room, dining room, kitchen, laundry room, spare bedroom, master bed etc. Insane, right? Anway, I would appreciate any advice that you can give on creating a consistent or acceptable exterior appearance for windows that span across a whole house.


  2. Angela Todd says

    Many options come to my mind. Please send me a few photos via email [angela(the at sign)] Sorry, I am unable to list the full address with the @ sign due to robots that crawl the web for spam addresses.

    I would be happy to send you some inspired ideas. We can also post the results on this blog. If you live in the Portland metropolitian area, I can also come out and take a look in person. You may call me to schedule at 503-887-1552.

  3. Anonymous says

    Angela – you always amaze me with your design eye! I wish you came to the Midwest for work! My living room needs some help.

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