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Divine in 2009 – Home Transformation

If you tuned to the 750am dial on Saturday and tried to enter the “Divine in 2009″ home transformation contest, you might have had a hard time reaching the station.  If good news travels fast, contest giveaways spread like wildfire.  

For the last show of the year, Around the House with Handyman Bob offered an opportunity for listeners to win a package that would transform a room in their home.  (Click the links below for more information on the prizes.)

2nd Prize: Sherwin Williams Gift Packet, $200 value


1st Prize:  One Day Room Transformation, $500 valuetransform-sofa

The show introduced three guests.  Scott Richardson from Mr. Handyman of Northwest Portland, Missy Gerber from Organizers Northwest and Moi from Angela Todd Designs

How did listeners enter the contest?  They were asked to call the station and ask an on-air question to the expert studio panel about home improvement, maintenance, decor, design or organization. 

  • What is the best way to safely remove the snow from the flat roof on my rental property?
  • I am ready to get organized in the new year.  How do I know where to start?
  • My room has a three windows, but it is so dim all the time.  Do I need a skylight, new paint, or what?
  • How do I remove linoleum?  Can I lay tile over it?
  • I have wall-to-wall carpet.  I think I want hardwoods , but I have a large dog.  What hardwoods will wear well?

We had a ball answering great questions and talking with the listeners.  Some callers waited on hold for 20 minutes or more to ask their question and enter the contest.  A few minutes before the show ended at 2:00pm, I announced the winners on-air.


1st Prize:   Les in Portland, Or 

2nd Prize:  Jim in Portland, Or

Special thanks to our contest sponsors for their generous contributions:  Sherwin Williams and Organizers Northwest


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