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An Apartment Makeover for my BRO

I am in Indianapolis for the next two weeks visiting my family. If you moved away when you became an adult like I did, you probably know the feeling. Buildings, landmarks and roads are the same, but different. It is almost as if you remember a movie you haven’t seen for a long time. I recall places and events I haven’t thought of in 15 years or more. It is nice to remember so many lost memories that shaped who I am today.

Earlier this week, my brother Randy and father picked me up at the new Indianapolis airport – open now for less than two weeks. My flight was delayed and it was late when I touched down in Indy.

My brother and I were born a year and a half apart and inseparable as children. My earliest childhood memories include hiding in the clothes hamper with Randy. Today we may not hide in the hamper, but Randy is still one of the most lighthearted, fun people I know. I spent my first night at his apartment and in the morning while he went to work, I stayed at his place.

I can’t resist! I looked around and decided my ‘bro’s” place needed a little TLC from his sister. So, with his blessing I will be doing some design adjustments to my brother’s place while I am here in Indianapolis. My brother moved from a home into the apartment and has no doubt been frustrated at decorating his new digs. He said, “Good Luck!” suggesting doubt that I would be able to make significant changes on a shoestring budget. Included in this blog is a video I shot at my brother’s home the first day I arrived in Indianapolis.

Stay tuned to find out how my Mom, sister and I make over the space.


  1. Jay Barre says

    That apartment tour brought me back to college house rental day!! Looks like the walls could use a paint color change…or perhaps one could become a feature wall with a different paint color. Good luck with the re-design. I look forward to seeing what you can do with the space.

  2. Angela Todd says

    That is exactly right Jay! We are painting this weekend and we are also doing some contemporary accent colors as well. I can’t wait to show you our “reveal”.

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