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Tune in this Saturday: Angela is on-air with Bob Strong

Oregon’s favorite handyman isn’t particularly tall, doesn’t have a dark tan or a washboard stomach. He wears trademark measuring tape suspenders in primary yellow to hold up his britches, and his smile lights up a room. His keen listening ability and years of experience as an independent handyman have catapulted Bob to KXL radio, where each Saturday on KXL 750 AM he hosts a show called, “Around the House.” Meet Bob Strong.

Bob and I were introduced several months ago, when he was given a copy of my newsletter and visited this blog. I had the pleasure of being on his show earlier this year, and I will be on air again this Saturday with Missy Gerber from Organizers Northwest.

Missy and I will be discussing ‘designing and organizing for the busy homeowner’. The show starts at 12:00pm. Listeners will have a chance to call in and ask questions during the second hour. Why don’t you call in? We’d love to chat with you.

Tune in!
Saturday, September 6th
12:00pm to 3:00pm
KXL 750 AM

Here is a photo of my favorite handyman and a link to learn more about Bob.

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