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Wallpaper is Back

I know it is sick, but I have a love affair with wallpaper. I can’t explain it. Covering a large surface with pattern and texture makes me blissful.

Should I be embarrassed to admit it? I almost did a cartwheel in excitement when my first wallpaper samples arrived at my studio earlier this year. I am selective about what items I have at my studio, and if the demand is low I generally pick up samples at local showrooms for interior design consultations.

But now, it is practically mainstream. So, it is now next to the fabric and window treatment samples on my shelves, waiting for it’s frequent trips to client’s homes.

If you are skeptical about joining the wallpaper bliss bandwagon, I’d like to bring you up to speed:

  • Wallpaper is great solution for adding texture to the room, this rich look simply can’t be duplicated with paint or faux finishing.
  • Many come with adhesive, so you don’t have to bother with that cumbersome paste.
  • Some even come in squares rather than long rolls. This is great for bullnosed windows and unusual angles.
  • Wallpaper isn’t as hard to remove as versions from 10 years ago+. It comes off with steam and a tug in one large sheet. I swear!
  • It is a great way to add personality and individuality to your design

I have listed some of my favorite places to get wallpaper.

Design by Color I love this site because you can pick a room and experiment with different patterns, colors and textures.

Sherwin Williams (Great look without the price.) See Jamie in the Pearl District on Flanders and 14th across from Rogue Brewery.

Graham and Brown They even have some sustainable and eco friendly wallpapers here.

Favor Paper Cute name! This company has funky retro styles and metallic finishes that are for the brave at heart.

Cavern Wallpaper I love the blackbird collection under Wythe.

This should help you start your love affair with wallpaper too. If you have a room in mind, please call me for an interior design consultation. I am happy to bring out my sample books!


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    Angela, I too am a big fan of wallpaper, exaggerated prints, or the unusual or pop of color…was doing a search for a little shoppe in Portland that I had visited before in NW district but can’t find the name/address now.

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