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Portland Oregon Interior Redesign Part II

Sometimes I get so busy with my interior design projects, I forget the obvious. My morning started today with a design appointment bright and early. Another appointment at 10:00am and then I grabbed lunch. I was mentally preparing for my 3:30pm appointment and determining what showroom stops I could “fit in” in the meantime.

It finally occured to me … this was the day the Lake Oswego Review and West Linn Tidings were featuring one of my client’s living room transformations. I quickly packed up my lunch and drove to the Starbucks in Lake Oswego’s Kruse Way. I bought a coffee and shuffled through the pages. There it was on the front page of the Home Section in full color – a photo of me smiling in my client’s lovely living room.

I had a strange reaction to reading the article. It made me cry. I suppose reading the article from a third person perspective made me realize even more how impactful this work can be for the clients I serve. Interior Redesigns are the heart of design for me. There is so much love in helping a family create a unique, stylish space with their treasured pieces.

If you have a chance to pick up the newspaper, it has some great before and after photos. If not, here is the interior redesign/home transformation article online.


  1. Donna Spring says

    I like in Lake Oswego and caught this article this summer. I loved it. I love how you help homeowners use what is precious to them.

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