Angela Todd Portland Interior Designers

The Dream of Designing Interiors

Most of us think interior designers have the best job in the world. It is wonderful, but being in business for yourself isn’t fun all day, everyday. I love this video a colleague shared with me from YouTube.

This makes me laugh and cringe because of it’s truth. Most people are envious of a designer’s job, but what they fail to realize is how much business accumen goes into running your own business successfully- even when it is creative in nature.

To run a successful and profitable business, I have to be as on top of my game in operations and marketing as I am in keeping up with the hottest colors and trends in the design world.

I realize not everyone is suited to run their own business. I am thankful and greatful everyday that my life experiences and priceless friends and colleagues have taught me lessons that have allowed my business to flourish as an interior designer in Portland

I appreciate each of you that continue to help me in my interior design business. Yes. It is a wild, challenging ride and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

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