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Inspiring Photos Taken During Lights Out America

Thanks to Roberta Aylward, a local artist in Portland, for submitting a link of photos taken Friday night during the Lights Out America.

As she pointed out, turning the lights out, “brings out the creative side in all of us.”

My husband and I drank some wine by candlelight and caught up with one another.

I live in Murrayhill in Beaverton and on Saturday night at 10:00pm, I looked outside my windows to see a local church illuminating their cross in the night sky. What a statement it would have made if they would have turned it off just for one night.

Here is the link to some outstanding “Lights out America” flickr photos.

Afterwards, review Roberta Aylward’s artwork

Candles are a wonderful way to relax in the evening and also conserve electricity and reduce our carbon footprint.

The enclosed photo is from a client design I did a few months back. The candles are made from soy – no petroleum candles in this post;)

Please do something nice today for the planet. We will all be thankful you did.

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